A FinTECH Solution

Welcome to Fusion Financial Holding, Inc.

A Mobile-first Digital FinTech


Complete, accurate and superior reporting for the entire financial ecosystem from transacations to tax payments


Providing innovative mobile-first technology with adaptive financial software as a disruptive digital solution in the industry.


Fusion Financial solutions are delivered on a worldwide basis in order to attract, enroll and partner with today’s dynamic financial population.

The Fusion

We are the fusion of mobile, social, compliant and adaptive FinTECH solutions represented and delivered through a disruptive transactional and financial operating platform for today’s competitive financial environment.

Contact Us

Fusion Financial Holding, Inc. 422 Richards St, Suite 170 Vancouver, BC Canada, V6B 2Z4 1.866.347.3321 Phone and Fax Info@FusionFinancial.us
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