Fusion Financial Holding – Chairman

Kendell Lang

Kendell R. Lang is the Principal Investor, Chairman, and founder of Fusion Financial Holding, Inc., the first Banking Insurance Compliance Organization (BICO) teaching banks how to bank the underserved and under-banked high-risk emerging markets. This highly experienced and accomplished leader has, throughout his career, demonstrated a fearless business prowess, an unquenchable entrepreneurial drive, and a rare talent to help individuals deliver their best. Read more…


Director of Account Services

Lisa Jander

Lisa Jander’s extensive background gives her a broad range of skills well beyond her job description. She has worked as an account manager for Home Depot as well as HSA Home Warranty servicing over 800 accounts. Lisa has been a part of Fusion from its inception and brings a high level of detail and efficiency to the table. As the Director of Account Services for Fusion Bank, Ms. Jander interfaces with the client to move them through the onboarding process seamlessly and manages the staff that maintains the accounts.


We’d like to invite you to become part of the initial shareholders before we take the company public. There’s no catch here: here at Fusion Financial, we’re totally passionate about financial solutions for the cannabis industry, so we like to do what we can to help cannabis operators take the risk out of dealing in cash. Learn more about how you can participate as an equity shareholder:

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